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One of our first blogs, 10 years ago!

Free. What a great word. What great music! (Aug 15, 2011) Where else can you find great live music like West Palm?  I just spent some time looking up live music venues (preferably free) at some different cities I’m familiar with around the country.  There’s not a lot of places that have a lineup like WestContinue reading “One of our first blogs, 10 years ago!”

Archived Blogs (from the last 10 years)

Tribute Bands are the Thing, and West Palm has plenty… (Oct 11, 2019) We want to continue our series of articles on local music, and this week we want to highlight a trend that’s not going away anytime soon.  Tribute bands – bands that closely emulate the sound and look of major artists – haveContinue reading “Archived Blogs (from the last 10 years)”