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A New Website and a New Set of Expectations

We’ve endured the most challenging worldwide event most of us can remember, and something beyond what we could have anticipated. We’ve experienced nearly a year without live music (here in Florida; longer in some places); the loss of many venues and restaurants, and some of us have lost employment and close friends and family.

One of us recently went to our first full-blown concert in over a year –King Crimson in Delray Beach– but the concert calendar is filling back up. Clematis by Night (CbN) and Sunday on the Waterfront (SoW) are back on the city’s schedule, and have already had some great shows.

New restaurants are opening, and new entertainment venues are coming online. We have revamped our website to make it mobile device friendly, and we will be posting new content again on a regular basis.

We look forward to a new, revitalized downtown, with new opportunities for Music, Meals, Movies and More!


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